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Personal Training

Chad BrownChad Brown

Philosophy: GO HARD OR GO HOME!

Education: National Academy of Sports Medicine

Certifications: N.A.S.M., Hanger 44, RKC kettlebell, Viper, and TRX

Specialty: suspension training, stabilization,strength, power, functional, sports specific, and knee and back rehab.

Sports: Football, Soccer, Track, Tennis, Golf, Road and Mtn Biking, and Martial Arts


Chad BrownMary K. Ludlow

Philosophy: I am all about helping my friends, family and clients get healthy and fit. After that, everything else falls into place!

Education: BA-Athletic Training; Post-Graduate Business Marketing

Certifications: CSCS- NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist; CNC- Certified Nutrition Coach; Viper; Hanger 44 Suspension

Specialty: Medicine Ball Training; Suspension Training; Rehabilitation; Sports Specific Training; Stabilization Training: balancing strength, flexibility, and power.

Sports: Running, surfing, swimming, skiing, ski skating, mountain biking, hiking, and more.